Hi and welcome,

I’m an aspiring organic intellectual interested in international political economy, especially China’s BRI in my native Southeast Asia, and the theories of unequal exchange as promulgated by people like Samir Amin, whose writings I’ve studied in some depth.

My current projects are

  1. A comparative historical analysis of the Indonesian and Malaysian national oil companies, co-authored with professor Seth Pipkin of UCI’s urban planning department.
  2. A review essay of Samir Amin’s magnum opus; Accumulation on a World Scale in commemoration of the first anniversary of his death.

My recent output includes

  1. Theodra, J. (2019, forthcoming). Indonesia 1965: A Review of Geoffrey Robinson’s Timely Intervention. Monthly Review. 
  2. Theodra, J. (2019, March 14). Review: Only People Make Their Own History, by Samir Amin – With a Complete Bibliography of Amin’s Works.Countercurrents. 
  3. Kenji, T.V. [pseudonymous] (2018, April 22). Zone of Storms: Review of Samir Amin’s October 1917. MR Online.

Feel free to contact me at

  1. Email: jtheodra@uci.edu
  2. Phone: 6573580938
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  5. native seed farm